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Campus Amenities

N.M.S. Vijayalakshmi Sanjeevimalayan Kalviagam, a CBSE school with a difference is a unit of ‘Mahamayee Ammal Thangappa Nadar Educational Trust’, which has the following other units:

The bright, airy and spacious classrooms provide the children a comfortable setting for interacting with the teacher. All classrooms are in the two blocks situated in the northern wing and southern wing on both sides. Unique furniture is designed exclusively to keep students’ age and comfort in mind. They are well arranged with good spacing to allow free movement by both teachers and students.

The Montessori Lab, Science Lab, Math Lab, English Lab, Creative Lab and Computer Lab of the school supplement practical knowledge to the children. They are equipped with specially designed tables, interactive Smartboards, LCD projectors and audio systems.

The Library of NMS Vijayalakshmi Sanjeevimalayan Kalviyagam is rich with over 3,000 books in various subjects and languages. There are 16 magazines to choose and read. Besides, there are 4 Newspapers to read and know the current affairs. The children are encouraged to read books and magazines to improve their reading skills as well as general knowledge. 

A large auditorium with a seating capacity of 200 and equipped with a good audio system. The stage is spacious with an interactive board to provide visual presentations.

The spacious hall with adequate seating capacity holds the facilities for audio visual presentation and interactive smart class with the aid of LCD projector, smart board provides a comfortable learning environment. Lessons taught to the students are presented to them here, so that the children get a better and more practical approach to them.

Ample open space in the front for games such as kho-kho, volleyball, basketball, kabaddi and handball courts. There is also provision to play cricket between nets.

It is colorful and specially designed for the grade level with fun and learning equipment. The environment is simple and beautiful, and is continuously maintained to a high standard. Children actively engage with the materials that are designed from a developmental point of view and which lead them to successive levels of discovery about their world.

A room with a special work counter and furniture provides a suitable space for students to try their hands at various art forms, such as pencil drawings, charcoal art, and painting using watercolours, acrylic and oil colours. Small and large sculpture. Low and high easels are provided to paint in comfort.

It is a spacious room with wooden flooring. The walls are mirrored and have good music system with surround feature.

Our school has installed RO purifier to facilitate germ-free drinking water. The purifier dispenses 500 litres of pure water. Parents are advised to send drinking water in a metal container, please.

Hand wash orientation programme was conducted by our teachers to instill the importance of washing hands. As many as 30 taps with soap dispensers are fixed on every side of the school campus. We have also provided four air dryers for the use of small age groups.



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