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Rules and Regulations

Regularity and Punctuality

Punctuality should be instilled at a very young age. To ensure discipline all students must come to school on time to attend the morning assembly. If the child is late for the third time in a month, the child will lose one point.

School property

Any destruction or defacing of school property will not be tolerated and must be made good by those responsible. Parent has to pay fine, if their child damages any school property.

Communication in campus

From class III onwards, all the students must communicate only in English inside the classroom. Languages other than English must be used for communication only in language classes. As a corrective measure, the student will lose one point every time he or she is found speaking in any other language.

Leave Policy

A student can take leave if he or she is unwell or in order to attend a family function. We encourage students to take leave and attend family functions or funerals. We strongly believe that students learn to socialize, accept responsibility, face problems and good times in a family function. Any leave availed must be recorded in the handbook. 85% of attendance is compulsory for each term as per the CBSE norms.

Student Teacher Ratio

Only 32 children in each class and the teacher-student ratio will be 1:20 till Grade-2. On the whole, the school environment will provide effective “Differential” learning where children will enjoy learning without any pressure. We can assure you that your child will simply love to come to school.

School and Uniform policy

Our school uniform policy is based on the notion that a school uniform promotes a sense of pride in the school, looks smart and is practical and makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance and status. All children must adhere to the school uniform rules strictly without any exemption.

Shoes and Socks


The corridor is enormous and runs through connecting all learning centres. The walls of the corridor are decorated with;

Sports Uniform

White and white with same pattern as the school uniform.

For Boys

For Girls

KG classes

No specific dress code for KG children except that

When is a Uniform required?

Students are required to wear the uniforms to school on all working days. They must wear the uniform when representing the school during all events and educational trips. We strongly believe that students are at all times ambassadors for the school. Students should wear the uniform with pride, as it identiϐies them as pupils of NMS Schools, a creative school with a difference.
Finally, students should wear the Physical Education – PE uniform when they are representing the school at all inter-school sporting events.

What kind of foot wears are not allowed?

The shoe students wear should be sensible for both learning and playtime, so strapless shoes, sandals made of plastic or rubber and shoes with high heels are not allowed. Kindly buy only the brand recommended by the school.

Jewellery & Make-up


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